Market Research & Site Selection

Market Research
We provide market research reports for corporates and commercial real estate investors (local & foreign) to provide accurate market insights to base their investment decisions on it. Our reports include detail analysis of:

1. Industry Outlook

2. Key economic indicators affecting the performance of the global commercial real estate market (GDP, Consumer confidence, interest rates, etc.).

3. Regulatory Environment and Key Policy Initiatives

4. Market Dynamics including drivers, restraints, opportunities & challenges:
Drivers: Key factors driving the growth of the global commercial real estate market.
Restraints: The most relevant inherent threats/restraints that hinder the growth of global commercial real estate market.
Opportunities: Sectors of high return or relatively quicker turnaround on investment (both, via direct and indirect modes of investment).
Challenges: Factors affecting the medium-term growth of the market.

5. Industry Value Chain Analysis that includes:

Market Data Analysis
– By Property Type (Offices, Industrial, Retail and Multifamily)
– By Geography (Key continents/regions across the globe)

Market Investment Analysis
Discussing the various modes of investing in real estate property and real estate investment infrastructure provided by the global commercial real estate ecosystem.
– Direct Investment
– Indirect Investment

Competitive Landscape
– Market Share Analysis: Top players globally, identified based on relevant market metrics.
– Key Player Profiles: Pertinent details about player portfolio (area developed, the past, current and future projects and others), property sectors covered, technological advances and services offered.

Market Research:
We understand the importance of correct site selection to the overall performance of any commercial venture. We are highly passionate about the site selection process and act diligently with our clients to secure the best available locations based upon an agreed and tested criterion.

We are familiar with all major markets across Canada and utilizes demographic data to measure the potential of a particular market place. We work directly with our national contact base of landlord’s and real estate professionals to identify the very best available real estate to lease or purchase for your franchise or business location.