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We are a franchise consultant based in Vancouver, Canada with our regional offices in U.S., middle east, far east, south Africa and Pakistan. We facilitate brands and businesses to grow by providing them with the right investor who can successfully run the brand and who has the experience and expertise to run the business. We provide master franchising and area development business opportunities in US and Canada and assist in business expansion plans thru franchising into Middle East, Far East, South Africa and Pakistan.

We also work with consultants/brokers in franchising business on the basis of mutually beneficial corporate relationship. As part of our franchise services, Cannar will advise clients on best industry practices for structuring the right franchise opportunity including fee and royalty determination and choosing from franchising formats available such as single-unit, multi-unit or master franchising.

At Cannar, we know that franchising has distinct challenges for franchisors, franchisees and future franchise buyers. More importantly, because these key groups all depend on the other for the industry to grow, we make it our mission to provide each the help they need, precisely at the time they need it most. So, whether you are a business looking to expand into franchising for the first time, a legacy franchise brand looking to revitalize your offering or an individual wanting to select their first franchise properly, we can help.

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