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Developing a business presence in a new territory can be time consuming and costly so the advantage of taking on an existing franchise, that is already known in the area and which has current customers and clients, is clear. That is not to say growing any business is easy – far from it – but it is easier to move on and drive a process that is already underway. To speed up a rolling ball as opposed to starting it from a standstill position is always the energy efficient option.

Interested in owning a franchise business? One possibility you may not have considered is a franchise resale! These are existing franchise locations that are up for sale, and whether you’re looking for one in your home town or you are willing to relocate, this could be a great opportunity for you!

The Myth of Franchises for Sale

One common myth is that you should stay away from franchise resales because they are businesses that did not succeed, but that isn’t necessarily true! There are many reasons why a franchise business might need to come under new ownership, including:

• The current owners are retiring.
• The current owners want to relocate to an area that no longer allows them to run the business in its current location.
• The current owners have other ventures they want to focus their time and attention on.

With the right owner and the resources, we are able to provide each of our franchisees, any business has the potential to become successful.

Possible Benefits of Buying a Franchise Resale

There are also a number of potential benefits to choosing a franchise resale over opening a new franchise location or starting up your own company, such as:

• An existing business may already have cash flow.
• An existing business could already have a loyal customer base.
• An existing business may already be staffed.
• An existing franchise business will have the advantage of a recognized brand.

Cannar will manage each franchise sale and resale project from the initial inquiry, offering advice and guidance through to a successful sale. Whether you wish to become a single unit franchisee, a multi-unit franchisee or a master franchisee, we have the experience and contacts to assist you with your franchising aspirations. To view our latest franchise resale opportunities.

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