Franchise Development

Franchise Modelling
Our Franchise development solutions embraces Franchise modelling strategies to efficiently replicate a franchise system. It Fosters growth through utilizing potential resources of the franchisees while reducing the risk of the Franchisor. We meticulously analyze

1. Is this business Franchisable?
2. Is franchising the right strategy
3. Are there any existing Franchise competitors?
4. Can your business be replicated with a novice business owner?
5. Could your business be profitable in a new location?

Franchise Modelling
The Franchise Agreement is the cornerstone document of the franchisee–franchisor relationship. The document explicitly defines their rights and obligations and is legally binding on both the parties. The agreement embodies complete details with respect to:

1. The obligations of the franchiser and franchisee about business operations
2. Training and operational support by the franchiser and its cost
3. Territory demarcation including its exclusivity;
4. Royalty and service fee
5. Taxation issues
6. Franchisee Exit Strategy
7. Cancellation, and attorney fees
8. Complete duration of the franchise agreement and its renewal
9. Initial investment by the Franchisee
10. Intellectual assets such as trademarks, patents and signs
11. Sub Franchising or transfer of franchise
12. Advertising policies
13. Settlement of disputes by the company

Our subject matter lawyers construct/compose legal agreements & Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) incorporating diverse franchising models. It assists franchisees in gaining comprehensive understanding of the complete prototype.

Franchise Operations Manuals & Training Program
Team Cannar develops a blanket/touchstone operation manual carrying information from opening a unit till its closure. The franchise manual acts as a:

1. A sales tool for prospective franchisees
2. A legally enforceable quality control document
3. A reference tool for established franchisees
4. A training guide for new franchisees
5. A cost control tool

Site Selection
The right site selection contributes effectively to the overall performance of a new business or a franchise. Based on a rule of thumb, we diligently handle the complete site selection process and secure the best available locations.

Cannar is your one stop Real Estate solution for
1. Site selection
2. Preparation & Presentation of the offer
3. Negotiation of the final lease document

Several points are considered when selecting a site for a franchise unit
1. Does the location satisfy the target market?
2. Is the site visible from the street?
3. Is the location convenient? Is there enough room for parking?