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What does a commercial real estate consultant do?

A commercial real estate consultant is a type of professional who has been licensed to help various clients buy, sell or lease real estate properties. These properties are generally used for commercial purposes.

What is commercial real estate brokerage?

Commercial real estate brokerage can be compared to investment banking, but for commercial properties. A commercial real estate brokerage is a team of individuals who are part of a firm that connects property sellers with property buyers. Brokers who have helped with a commercial real estate transaction will take a percentage of the deal, known as a commission.

There are a lot of factors and variables that are involved with being able to connect the perfect buyers to specific pieces of property, which is why real estate brokers are so important and valuable in the commercial real estate.

What are the benefits of working with a commercial real estate consultant?

Working with an experienced commercial real estate professional from Cannar is your best bet to avoid potential headache while investing in a commercial real estate. The broker or consultant can add value to the process of procuring commercial real estate due to:

1. Experience in administrative & legal procedure
2. Due Diligence & Transaction Advisory expertise
3. Local Area Knowledge 
4. Property Knowledge
5. Technical Knowledge

What is commercial real estate cap rate?

Commercial real estate cap rate (which is short for capitalization rate), is the rate of return of an investment in commercial real estate, based on the amount of income it is expected to generate. This statistic is generated to help an investor determine the potential return on their investment in the property.

What is the letter of intent?

A letter of intent is a document that has been written up to declare the intentions of the writer. From a commercial real estate point of view, the letter of intent describes what the terms of the real estate transaction are. The letter of intent is used to allow two parties (the property seller and the property buyer) to agree on all terms of the proposed deal.

What are CAM charges?

These are all of the NNN (referred to as Triple Net) charges such as, taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance.

Is a letter of intent legally binding?

Typically letters of intent are NOT legally binding. However, it is important to read everything you sign!

What our clients are saying

Team Cannar provided us with market research & site selection services for our eco friendly hotel chain. Working with some of the best hospitality & commercial real estate industry professionals has build our trust for a long term business relationship.

BTL Hospitality

They truly cares about what you need and they went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information required to make the right decision in finalizing the deal.

Dr. Zakria Desai – Madnia Academy

They were extremely professional, organized and helpful in all aspects of the complete buying process and the advice they offered me.

DQ- Orange Julius

Cannar has helped me acquire a successful food chain with extensive presence across Canada. Kudos to their team for assisting me all along.

Harcharan Kalsi – Hasty Market

Searching an establish casual dining restaurant was a challenge to me. I am quite satisfied and thankful to Cannar for facilitating me in this decision.

Deepak Sajdeva – Wimpy’s Diner

Overall, their friendly, approachable and professional manner is a pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend and endorse their services to everyone.

Priyanka – Papa Joe’s

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