Foreign Direct Investment through Business Immigration in Canada

Investing in a foreign land can be a strenuous affair. Several factors play a decisive and contributive role in the final outcome of the storyline. In a country like Canada, the complete exercise can be termed as challenging but rewarding. Canada offers a lucrative business and investment environment incorporating the best of financial and social bounties.  

Investors across the borders enter into Canadian commercial landscape with an objective of achieving a vision to reality model in establishing a business empire. As a general rule, they encounter multifarious legal and operational challenges in diversified facets of business acquisition namely selection, valuation, negotiation, getting a grip on legal matters and last but not the least closing the deal.  

Consulting firms has not put into focused efforts in developing and marketing the set of services inculcating business and immigration. Despite of the fact that industry related platforms has served up on a plate an in-depth information addressing the prerequisites but the result is not so positive. Even profusion of data on internet does not expound the paradox, resulting in fallacious decision making.  

In this day and age Pre-Investors are scouting for the blend of business and immigration services that gives long standing success to stimulate their insatiable ambition. The quest ends here, Cannar has stayed one step ahead of others by encouraging Foreign Direct Investment and has put together a set of solutions of Business Acquisition process enroute to Permanent Residence of Canada.  

Cannar has embraced diversified and integrated operational, financial and legal components in the form of Business Planning, Transition Advisory, Due Diligence and Immigration application processing. 

Summary of key constituents of the process is given as under. 

Due Diligence 

Due Diligence is a significant part of the business acquisition process. Undergoing Due Diligence while acquiring a business is like doing a homework on your prospective deal. The business is thoroughly audited to assess the risks and analyze the respective dimensions making note of principal deviations. 

A thorough assessment of key business aspects including Financial Information, Physical Assets, Real Estate and Intellectual Property would make for a well-ordered execution  

Cannar conducts a detailed Due Diligence making use of the best industry practices incorporating the Financial, Commercial, Operational and Legal modules of the Business. 

Business Planning 

Business Planning is concomitant to Business Acquistion and Business immigration.  Business plan explicitly unfolds the business’ specific mission and objectives, underlining the principal strategies. It furnishes and develops strategic alignment in the key processes allying the current and projected outcomes. 

A Business Plan starts off with a concise and elaborative executive summary leading to peripheral plan stating blue print of the corresponding business segments. 

Cannar draw up practical and indispensable Business Plans in a move towards developing a successful business roadmap. 

Transition Advisory 

You should not bag pack here. As an entrepreneur, successfully closing the deal to acquire an existing business does not end your journey.   

To assure a smoother transition and minimize unexpected roadblocks, a well thought out transition plan is the need of the hour to stabilize the new business. It accounts for the audit of existing processes and practices to assist you with your financial and operational affairs during the transition. 

Cannar devise Customized Transition Plan & Framework affecting key decisions made during the process including change in the ownership and management structure of the business, planned sale of the business to external stakeholders and Coordination of the Contingency Plan with the Business Transition Plan. 

Immigration application processing 

Canada is home to an escalating populace and a flourishing economy, best suited for worldwide entrepreneurs and investors to materialize their vision. 

Business immigration in Canada has been a watershed in the economic landscape of the country. The Entrepreneur and investor Program was created to bring experienced and qualified business people from all over the world into Canada. through these programs Canadian government is geared towards building up an economic epitome.  

In a lookout for an ideal immigration consultancy, masses are bemused by the choice of the services on offer. Cannar is making a resolute effort to unravel the mix up by truly exploiting the benefits of the business immigration programs extended by respective provinces for the entrepreneurs and investor worldwide.